MERMAIDS ACRYLIC ON CANVASPainting is a continuing exploration, a dance, where the journey is more important than the final destination. There may be a desire to do more, but there comes a moment when I have to let go. Later, as the world unrolls there are times when some inner voice invites me to continue and go deeper.

I begin painting with liberal, large brush strokes. In a lively, but quiet conversation with the canvas, searching and changing, I find ever-new shapes and colors. Sometimes incomplete or distorted human figures or landscapes emerge. The shapes, colors and lines may be passionate, peaceful, sensuous, and even erotic. These expressions of my inner state evoke memories and feelings, connecting me to my place in the family of things.

It is rewarding for me to see other’s eyes travel through my paintings and find their own inner connection to the world.

Reiner Keller